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GAWD!!! I wish I'd thought of these! Defo on my Christmas wish list! As Ladybird books celebrates their 100th birthday, they have come up trumps with these books for 'kidults' featuring some very modern topics.

I agree wholeheartedly with Charlie Brooker: "This is such a good idea I'm currently experiencing all the physical sensations of anger because I didn't think of it, whereas Jason and Joel did." That would be Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris writers from Brooker's Screenwipe.

Just brilliant!

Marlene Dumas

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Silk Stockings - MD, 2000.

Silk Stockings - MD, 2000.

"When Black and White are colours
and not races, people will still fall in
love and discriminate between
partners and feel sad and bad
and need art that breaks your heart
and takes you to those places
where pain becomes beauty."
- MD, 'The Next Generation' 1995

H N Y.

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Happy New Year one and all! I'm feeling super creative & inspired after the Christmas NY break and I'm looking forward to sharing the year ahead with YOU x