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Here are some of the Bespoke screen prints I've completed over the last couple of months...
The 'Adam Gardiner hate list'..
This was for a friend of mine who was very vocal about all the things he disliked so I turned it into the perfect print he could cherish forever! Note that the most disliked are printed in metallic for effect...
The 'WE' print...
I printed this for someone who had just been travelling around the world with their partner. Some of the quotes include:
Stomached Ramadan in Amman

Survived snorkelling in the Red Sea
Threw the book at monkeys in Angkor Wat
Angered bugs in Tad Lo
BBQ moth in Vientiane
Were awed by Spring Brook
Got bored by Canberra

You get the gist?

If any of these tickle your fancy, drop me an email and we'll chat xx